Creative Designs has a restrictive privacy policy that disallows sharing of our user information with any third-party. Creative designs gathers some information regarding its users who visit the website.

Following are the type of information collected about users –

User demography

The demography of the user might be collected for the purpose of data analysis. Here, the data helps in the preparation of the report for the kind of users who visit our website the most. Demography includes the number of male, female users, number of users from a particular location, etc.

Promotional Links

It is nowadays very common practice of including a few links of third-party websites for promotional purposes. So, there can be a few links that may take you to a different website. These websites may contain different content from that of our website. These links can also include affiliate links.


In order to show you the right content, our website might store cookies on your computer. These cookies usually contain your preferred choices and preferences of our website. So, this is only to enhance the customer experience of using our website.

Personal Information

WIth using our website more occasionally, your details such as your name, email address, contact number may be saved with the comment section details or feedback or support information provided to us by you. Your information is saved on our server for future references and your contact information. You may contact our support team for deletion of any of your comments that you feel should not be on our website for any reason.

Disclosure of information

Disclosure of our user information is very limited and kept private in most cases. Your name might be displayed in the comments section of our blogs and pages. In all other cases, we never disclose your personal or sensitive information to any other party.

Support team

In case of any doubts and concerns regarding our privacy policy, you may always feel free to contact our support team.